How to Childproof Your Home


Every responsible parent should know how to make their house safe for their small child. In this post, Fantastic Handymen give a few of the most important pointers. For first time parents, it’s often panic-inducing to look around the house and see death traps anywhere. The bad news, you can’t protect your child 24/7, sometimes … Read more

Bamboo products list for home


With the rise of eco-friendly alternatives of… just about anything, bamboo is another popular vote for all eco-friendly homeowners. Using bamboo products into your home property will make you forget about other materials such as hardwood, laminate or vinyl. Today, Vinhomes will give you a developing insight of Bamboo products list for home. It’s popularity started in China, … Read more

How to Install a Dimmer Switch


Light is very important when it comes to furnishing your new home and having the freedom to choose the brightness of your lighting can be just the comfort you need after a long day of work. Here, Fantastic Handyman will explain how to install the right device for that. The technology you need is called … Read more