Bamboo products list for home

With the rise of eco-friendly alternatives of… just about anything, bamboo is another popular vote for all eco-friendly homeowners. Using bamboo products into your home property will make you forget about other materials such as hardwood, laminate or vinyl.

Today, Vinhomes will give you a developing insight of Bamboo products list for home.

It’s popularity started in China, Vietnam and some eastern countries since bamboo grows there is abundance. With the right processing, bamboo can be a strong and sustainable material for flooring, furniture, and even a house. It’s a cost-effective alternative for wood, not to mention environmentally-friendly since bamboo grows much faster than other types of trees.

Bamboo products list for home

1, Bamboo furniture

The bamboo is a fantastic choice for making furniture. Using bamboo, you can easily make any kind of design furniture, from your armchair to the most classic models. Well, it is safe to say the possibilities are countless.

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2, Bamboo art

If you want an unique artwork to hang on your wall, or place in a corner of your room for aesthetic, you can use the bamboo. It can be painted in vibrant colors or left all natural, in both cases creating a stunning artistic feature for your home.

3, Bamboo doors

Bamboo doesn’t stink or shrink like wood does, which makes it ideal for making doors. While bamboo is actually a type of grass, it’s sturdy and can be used for just about anything you would imagine being made of wood. The durability would be just as long. In fact, people living in eastern countries are using bamboo to make their own houses.

4, Bamboo flooring

If you are planning to install flooring, why don’t you use bamboo flooring? Bamboo is extremely durable, depending on the process it can be even harder than red oak. And with a variety of textures, you will be pleasantly surprised.

5, Bamboo wallpaper

You can also use bamboo for the production of wallpaper, and mostly in classy, simplistic patterns. However, remember that bamboo wallpapers are easily affected by moisture and mold, which is hard to clean afterward. So don’t use bamboo wallpaper in moisture environments like bathroom or kitchen.

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6, Bamboo curtains and beds

Bamboo is also a great material for making textile products. Also, the bamboo products will be naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odor-resistant. Bamboo curtains also have an insulating effect. But don’t forget that bamboo textiles are expensive and not as easy to find in your local supermarket. Bamboo beds are very comfortable to sleep in, especially for people with allergies. They’re available in all kinds of colors.

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Bamboo products list for home kitchen


1, Bamboo cabinets

A bamboo cabinet is a very beautiful feature, coming in all kinds of natural patterns. You can read more from The Spruce.

2, Bamboo countertops

Bamboo countertops are becoming more available for large kitchens. Designers tend to choose a darker color for this purpose in order to contrast to an otherwise light kitchen.

3, Bamboo blinds

Just as bamboo is available for curtains, so it is available for kitchen blinds too. Not only that, but it can also insulate. Most common patterns are used to go with the beautiful bamboo kitchen countertop.

4, Bamboo kitchen accessories

There is a wide variety of kitchen accessories made of bamboo, including spoons, chopsticks, forks, trays and cutting boards. It’s proven that their durability is much longer than steel materials. They don’t need additional care either, just wash with warm water – bamboo is a natural anti-microbial material.

Only one notice, never put bamboo cutlery in the dishwasher or microwave, as that can damage them.

5, Bamboo towel racks

Bamboo can add a touch of nature to your kitchen decor as a towel rack, or a decorative bar, depending on your kitchen design. Designers tend to use bamboo if they want to give a kitchen a more Asian flair.

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