The end of the year is a time to slow down with the ones we love and enjoy cozy days at home. Our team is proud of the work we do to help make your home a wonderful place for you to bond with your family, reflect on the end of a year, and make plans … Read more

Winter Home Maintenance List

Winter is in full swing around here, and although we haven’t had much bad weather yet (knock on wood!), it is always helpful to be prepared. Here are a Winter Home Maintenance List to keep your home running smoothly throughout the winter season. Stay warm and toasty inside! Check your gutters Make sure to take … Read more

How to Install Vertical Blinds Properly

Vertical blinds are necessary items used in office buildings and private homes as well. Vertical blinds offer home owners privacy from the outside, while is still a better option for light. Also, the vertical blinds are perfect in blocking the harmful UV light from affecting the homeowners. If you are reading this, you want to learn … Read more

Bamboo products list for home

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How to Install, Wire and Connect Your New Electric Cooker in 6 Simple Steps

The time has come to replace your electric cooker, whether it’s because your appliance is dead after years of use or simply because you want to modernize your kitchen. And that’s great, but you don’t know how to install, wire and connect your new electric cooker. And while a professional electric cooker installation itself is not an … Read more